How To Move Gravel – Easy Way

How To Move Gravel

Think of a bright afternoon, having tea with your close one in the yard where the mood maker can be those well-organized shining sparkly gravel. Do you know the effective way to move gravel? If you don’t know then this can be an ideal ride to know about all the possible ways of how to move gravel and choose the best one for yourself.

Before you decide on the best method to move gravel from your yard, you need to know the easy and effective way. Only after that, you can engage the gravels in a way that the gravels will increase the beauty of your yard. Not only that, but gravel can also help you in many ways. Let’s see the effective method to move gravel and its uses.

How To Move Gravel

Thinking about all the critical ways to do so? Why not consider the simplest way? You can try out these methods and techniques of how to move gravel to cut costs and your labor.

What is Gravel?

The origin of “Gravel” is from French “Gravelle’ Gravel also known as the quarry is the accumulation of quartz (Silicon dioxide) which in the long run turns rock solid. These mainly conglomerate in the river-side, beaches, and streams.

Gravels do not break down chemically.

Types of Gravel

Gravels come in different formations and categories, so they are of different types.

  • River Rock– roughly rounded & polished, mainly used to prevent erosion & drive water away.
  • Marble chips– aesthetic value and cost both are higher due to white sparkly finish.
  • Jersey Shore Gravel- yellow-colored driveway border to hold edging in the place.
  • Pea Gravel– the eye-catchy smooth round shape used for the top layer of the driveway.
  • Quarry– contains more stone dust, an option for the top layer.
  • Crushed Stone-blend of small gravel with coarse dust to form a stable & solid surface.
  • Base Gravel-machine-crushed stone & irregular rock fragments to form a strong foundation.

Equipment to Move Gravel

Choosing the right gravel movers according to your requirement can save both time and expenditure. So, why not select after knowing the function of these gravel mover?

  • Excavator-they are mostly used for massive hole creation for foundation, dredging, flattening purposes.
  • Loaders-ideal to move gravel, snow, and bricks on soft soil but a big no for digging.
  • Bulldozer-has a different mode to work on hard surfaces or muddy soil to perform heavy tasks like ripping, picking up trash, and hauling.

Equipment can make the process of how to move gravel much easier, right? But what equipment works best in which condition is a very much needed knowledge. So, let’s see how this equipment works.

Wheelbarrow-Gravel Mover

Probably the most popular method to move gravel is using a wheelbarrow. It moves gravel by distributing the weight between the operator and the wheel. The wheelbarrow then manually dragged to the location of disposal. It has a certain limit that it can carry. But the work can be done at last.

How To Move Gravel without a Wheelbarrow

Shoveling- Gravel Mover

The shovel is another tool to dig and dispose of the loads from one place to another manually using the handle of the shovel.  In North America shovel and spade both are termed as a shovel in general.

Shoveling gravel requires a round point shovel and also at a certain angle that is 30°. You need to switch the round point shovel with a duck-billed shovel when you are trying to create a channel in clay soil.

Best Way To Move Gravel By Hand

Two Bucket Technique

Being the simplest way to move gravel, two bucket technique is on top of the favorite chart of many people. All you need is a bucket and your hand. Now aim for gravel, fill up the bucket and dispose of the bucket where you need the gravel to be.

It’s so much easier and less time consuming although it might feel tiring to some people. Believe me, it saves so much money that you’ll be happy in the end.

Oh, this video can help you

Why is Gravel used?

Gravels come in varieties of sizes and shapes but with a handful of potential.

Use 1: Gravel Used for Decorating Your Driveway

You have no idea what these little sand deposits can do to beautify your driveway. Along with increasing beauty, it will prevent your driveway from becoming muddy with all those raining.

Use 2: Gravel Used for Your Drainage

Gravels can prevent your yard from forming puddles. Gravel can drain water easily, smoothly, and readily from the soil. Puddle formation is much slower in quarry covered yards and pathways.

Use 3: Gravel Used for Your Plant-Bed

Knowing the fact that gravel can drain water effectively, now you understand that gravel will prevent the accumulation of water in the root of your plant.

All you need to do is lay down a weed block and spread the gravel and tamp it with the proper tool. Now you’re ready to have a beautiful yard with proper drainage.

Use 4: Gravel Used for Your Pathways

Walking on weed-less and mud-free colonnades (a covered pathway) is not a fantasy anymore. You can definitely add beauty and shine by covering your pathways with gravel or crushed stones.

It will not only make your pathway an eye-catchy scenery but also prevent weeds from growing and slower down puddle formation.

Use 5: Gravel Used for Your Pipe-Bedding

Pea gravel or Bluestone is my personal favorite and can be proved ideal and a smart choice when you’re constructing a pipe to carry water away to keep the yard dry.

Cost To Move Gravel

It costs a lot to move gravel. Some cost $46/hr, or $10-$25/cubic yard. It varies from region to region as well. The owner of Davis Outdoor Maintenance, Chattanooga says that moving gravel along with transport can cost $1300 to $1500.It’s really expensive.

On the contrary, moving 2-car gravel will cost €1500-€2500. Portland Sand and gravel Co. have a fixed cost ranging from $15-$45 depending on what type of gravel you are moving. Moving the gravel by considering the appointment of a laborer also costs around $25-$50 or $150-$200 depending on the quantity of gravel to move.

You can choose any company that suits your pocket in case you don’t have time or desire to move the gravel by yourself. Moving the gravel from your yard can be a pain in the ass. Here I’ve listed all the possible methods and techniques on how to move gravel from your yard to make your pathway and driveway beautiful and aesthetic.

It will save you a lot of money as well as work. Decorate your yard and enjoy the home-stay. So, don’t just fantasize, know how to move gravel of your choice, and take a glimpse.

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