How to Run Cable Under Driveway – Easy Solution

How to Run Cable Under Driveway

Do you want to know how to run cable under driveway? For running cable through a driveway you have to hire a wireman which is very expensive. So if you know the way then you can easily do this work. Now I’m going to tell you about the system and equipment which you need during running cable under the driveway.

How to Run Cable Under Driveway

How to run cable under driveway, in this project you need to use some tools and materials and maintain some rules. We are providing the best way and the name of the tools and materials you need for the whole project. To get the best result just follow our instructions sincerely.

Needful Tools

Needful Materials

  • Waterproof electric wire
  • Plastic or metal conduit or PVC pipe and other fittings

Establish a Power Line through Underground

Running a power line through the driveway depends on various kinds of matters such as power amount, soil type, etc. So, to run an electricity line through the driveway you have different options. You have to follow a fruitful option to do the work successfully.

What kinds of wire you need to use totally depends on the amount of digging soil and voltage of power. At first, you have to define your soil type. It is whether sandy or rocky. If you feel comfortable digging soil then you can dig deeply cheaply and also have no need to use metal conduit.

But what if the soil is rocky you have to dig a minimum and it must be expensive. Conduit is also a significant thing in this project. We will run the electric wire through the conduit. It protects the wire from different harmful things. For high voltage power, you need to choose high-quality wire and conduit.

Which kinds of wire and conduit should use for different kinds of depth?

For 6 Inches Hole

Use galvanized rigid metal electrical conduit with individual conductors inside. The conductors must be waterproof. If you consider the soil is very hard and you will run the cable within a short distance then it is the best way.

For 12 Inches Hole

You can use UF-B (underground feeder)cable. It is a GFCI-protected underground feeder cable with a short length of PVC conduit at the house. Maximum 20-amp power can run through this wire. It needs no expensive conduit.

For 18 Inches Hole

At 18 inches, you can use THWN-2 conductors inside a continuous length of PVC conduit, which protects the wire all the way through the trench to the house. You can run any size of cable through the conduit.

For 24 Inches Hole

At 24 inches you can bury underground feeder cable, using PVC conduit to 18 inches below ground only where the wire comes up.

Whole Process

 Be Ready

At first, take a PVC pipe, it will give you better service if it is one with the highest pressure rating. Then join the one point of PVC pipe with a hose by using an adapter or other fittings. And the other point has to be cut like an angular point.

To make this angular point you need to cut at 45 degrees using a hacksaw (You don’t need to use expensive one, you can use a cheap one). Put the wire through the conduit that you use for this task. Then the wire with conduit needs to be in the pipe.

Start The Task

 Dig a hole vertically on one side of the driveway by using a spade. The measurement of depth will be as much as you want. Then dig 2nd hole on the other side of the driveway. The 2nd hole will be wider and deeper than the first one.

To make a tunnel you need to use the sharp point of PVC pipe. Now you can use the high speed of water stream through the hole to push the pipe or push the pipe yourself around until you find the 2nd hole.

Using water is a better option because it will not only make a tunnel but also clean the tunnel. It is a quick process. After making tunnel keep this pipe in the tunnel. It will be the best conduit.

How to run cable under driveway is not a difficult process. You can follow the whole process which we provide to you. Then you can do the task without any disturbance in an inexpensive way.

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