Kawasaki Vs Kohler 2021 Lawn Mower Engines – The Ultimate Clash Of The Titans!

Kawasaki vs Kohler

A poll in 2016, shows that  50 percent of the average American homeowners mow their lawn. Today, we feel honored to compare Kawasaki Vs Kohler, two of the most popular lawnmower engines.

As the winter has long gone. And the summer is here! That means people living in the northern states are planning to upgrade their landscape designs.

Who doesn’t feel peaceful by looking at the lush greenery in front of their home? But lawns grow too fast. And they look hideous if not adequately maintained.

Here in this article ‘Kawasaki vs Kohler 2021 Lawn Mower Engines: The Ultimate Clash Of The Titans!’we will provide you an explicit discussion about these two franchises.

So, please have a glance!

Also, don’t forget to follow the additional tips to select your favorite one.

How Can You Decide Between Kawasaki vs Kohler Mower Engines?

What do you look for before deciding to buy a lawnmower engine?

Most of the lawn carers take their jobs as seriously as professionals. They never agree to compromise in the quality of the engine.

In this part, we will give you a comprehensive comparison between Kawasaki vs Kohler.

Head to head comparison: Kawasaki Vs Kohler

     Kawasaki Kohler
Horse Power
They have the most accurate critical horsepower. Their HP is not known for its accuracy.
Torque curve
They show better torque curves. Kohler has better torque numbers than others.
Internal engine parts
It uses metallic parts. They make many parts out of plastic (cam gear).
Fuel efficiency
They use comparatively more fuel Kohler is known for fuel-efficiency.
They use ethanol gasoline. They use gasoline.


Kawasaki mostly uses air coolers. Kohler mostly uses liquid coolers.


Much expensive Comparatively cost-friendly.

7 Most Fascinating Facts – Kawasaki vs Kohler

Come, let’s find out the seven most interesting facts – Kawasaki vs Kohler.

7 Most Alluring Facts About Kawasaki

Kawasaki engines are known for their accuracy and consistency. You can call them critic’s favorites too. Do you want to know what those facts that we are talking about are? Then without further ADO, let’s start.

1. Kawasaki has achieved Critical power

Kawasaki lawn mowers are many people’s favorite. It is because they produce the most accurate mighty engines. These engines are critically acclaimed.

Kawasaki is the only company that strictly follows the automotive-caliber standard SAE J2723. It helps the engine to ensure the delivery of at least 98% of rated horsepower.

2. The package comes with a manual guide

From your engine oil to specially created engine tune-up kit, you just name it. They can provide you with all the latest attachments. They may also short block engine accessories and oil drain hose.

Also, the package comes with a manual to guide you along with your experience.

3. You can look up any parts on their website

Kawasaki provides its customer with a fantastic search experience. Just go to their website and search parts by using the name. They have a vast collection! Brush cutter, edger, string trimmer, hedge trimmer: what’s not there?

4. Kawasaki’s central factory locates in America

Though Kawasaki is a Japanese company, the Kawasaki motor manufacturing plant locates in Maryville, Missouri. There they produce all of their automobiles, engines, and accessories and test them thoroughly.

5. These Lawnmowers use the most available fuels around you

You must never worry about the fuels while using the Kawasaki lawn mower engine. They use an oil that is a mixture of 10% ethanol and 90% lead-free gasoline. This fuel is one of the most available engine oils in your local area.

6. Kawasaki has most of the branded builders as their equipment partners

Do you know how many companies trust Kawasaki engines with their appliances? Most of the world’s best manufacturers preferred this brand over any other companies to boost their bounty equipment.

Ariens, Bad Boy mower, Big Boy mowers, Bob-cat, Country Clipper, Cub Cadet, and the list is endless.

7. This company has a network of authorized dealers around the country

In any corner of the country, you can find an authorized dealer for Kawasaki. And these people are specialists in all kinds of knowledge and services related to small engines.

Whether it is on day time or night time, you can always give them a call, and they may eagerly solve your problems.

7 Little Known Facts About Kohler Co.

Kohler Company is mainly famous for its plumbing commodities. They also produce high-quality generators and engines that are hard to complete. Here we present to you 7 little known facts about this company.

1. Kohler is one of the most ancient trimmer machine producing companies

In 1873 day started their journey. And they have been providing world-class grass cutting engines for nearly 100 years. Throughout this time, they tested their machines in many adverse conditions.

Their creations passed the battle-test in WWII and the victory lane.

2. They provide us with one of the most reliable services

The satisfaction of the customers is the main target of Kohler co. They promise us to give high-quality lawn products with credible power.

That’s why they tested their commodities against the incapable weather of the South Pole and Hoover Dam. In short, we can say that Kohler produces one of the toughest merchandises in the world.

3. Kohler put their products through numerous quality tests

Before Kohler launches any of its products, they go through several steps to test them.

Right after they pass a design, they start working on the prototype. Then after going through thousands of hours of endurance trial, finally, they are ready to produce for customers.

4. Kohler has produced the world’s first EFI

Today, we consider Kohler as one of the pioneer companies in this field. They always try to invent new and new technologies.

Did you know? Nearly twenty years ago, Kohler was the first company to initiate the production of the very first Electronic Fuel  Injection.

5. Kohler even owns the first Tier four-diesel engine

This organization always tries to beat their inventions. That’s why it’s not surprising they are the discoverers of the first KDI.

The best thing about this Kohler Direct Injection is it doesn’t use any DPF. Thus, customers can enjoy tier four final treatment.

6. Kohler has an amazing support system for their customers

Their experts are ready 24×7 to deliver the needed assistance. They also follow the replacement rules if there are any severe complaints against the product.

7. This corporation has a vastly expanded dealership network around the world

Kohler has its dealership distributors in all major cities of the world. There are approximately thirteen-thousands Kohler dealers ready to serve you.

Follow these tips before selecting your favorite one

  • Always go for a renowned brand so that you may get a secured product.
  • Make sure you can get a replacement for any faulty merchandise.
  • Try to select the most well-built engine. And check for the HP accuracy.
  • Always look for a good that follows the “fit and finish” rule. Products built with finesse are always welcomed.
  • Also, choose the one that has simple access to dipstick and exquisite filters.

Final Verdict

Most of the Americans living in suburban areas are obsessed with lawns. Scientifically, we consider lawns as crops. That’s why we need to take good care of them. We must water, cultivate, and mow them regularly.

Only a perfect lawnmower can make these works seem effortless— Kawasaki vs Kohler always creates a never-ending buzz among the lawn lovers. Hopefully, we’ve helped you in finding a better solution.

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